The HABITAT is a performative imaginative space of at least three years on the disturbed coexistence of plants, animals and humans. From a plant, animal and human perspective, the HABITAT formulates the social problem of under which conditions a successful coexistence is possible – between demarcation and proximity. In doing so, HABITAT attempts to reconcile scientific findings with current social science approaches. The aim of HABITAT is to construct a growing and evolving stage installation that enables plants, animals and people to live together. The highest possible quality of stay for plants, animals and people is the aim of the installation and is tested and made tangible through choreography.

Conceptual discussion with O-Team and Bureau Baubotanik

HABITAT addresses the contradiction between the protection of nature and species and an urban life with as few restrictions as possible. The fact that animals, plants and humans share a very narrow space in the installation is accompanied by a high potential for disturbance. The dramaturgy of the performative piece is intended to translate this potential for disturbance into a concrete, physically perceptible space of experience. We want to create this space with the help of different disciplines. To this end, all disciplines will be viewed and questioned through the same spatial filter. Artists as well as botanists, visitors as well as architects. Our first common working level is a yellow table…

Soil samples with Sebastian Becker

The fact that dynamics develop between different species within ecosystems can be seen through the research discipline of disturbance ecology. What aesthetic and functional possibilities of interaction between plants, animals and humans arise from these moments of disturbance is what we want to investigate using the HABITAT.


In the first step, we will examine the soil. Soil samples will be taken from different places on the site and examined for their nutrient content, pollutants and microbial respiration. So we take samples from sealed surfaces and freshly backfilled areas, between rubble or under brambles…

HABITAT is a transdisciplinary, performative research project funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart, the Landesverband Freie Tanz- und Theaterschaffende Baden-Württemberg e.V., the IBA2027 (Internationale Bauausstellung 2027 StadtRegion Stuttgart GmbH) as well as the Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. and Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG.

Artistic direction: Bureau Baubotanik
Choreography: Nina Malotta and Samuel Hof
Dramaturgy: Florian Feisel (Institute for Performing Arts at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart) in collaboration with Paula Kohlmann and Martina Grohmann (Theater Rampe Stuttgart)
Individual artist: Rebecca Hennel
Stage installation: Bureau Baubotanik in collaboration with botanist Sebastian Becker
Engineering accompaniment: Matthias Rudolph (professor for building technology and climate-appropriate design at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart)
Botanical and ecopolitical accompaniment: Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU Group Stuttgart) and Robert Gliniars (University of Hohenheim)